A Marin Mac Consultant, serving clients in Marin and Southern Sonoma County.

Your Macintosh technology partner, keeping your computers, iPhone, iPod, iPad
and high-tech gear running smoothly and harmoniously,
so you can focus on what you care about.

Need help setting up that new new Mac or iPad, installing Snow Leopard or using the full capability of your iPhone or iPad?

Just switched over from Windows and want to get off on the right foot with your New Mac??

Having trouble with your current Mac?

Setting up a Mac office and want to sync your calendars, share documents and create a secure backup system?

MacSupport is on-site Macintosh help, private training and Apple technical support for people and small offices that use Macintosh computers or want to switch to one. I'll come to your home or office in Marin or Southern Sonoma County, and restore your sluggish Mac to its virgin speed, fix any problems and/or upgrade your system. I will create, optimize or upgrade your wired or wireless network to work smoothly and transparently. I’ll tutor you to use OS X effectively and show you the special features and programs that make the Mac a superior computer for your particular usage. I’ll also synchronize any of your other high-tech devices to work as a life-style supporting system.

I am patient, efficient and thorough.
I listen to you
and am in service to your goals. I'm an excellent support for busy people whether they're running a business or a family. A majority of my clients are smart, on-purpose people who want their computer systems to support them without personally having to get into the techie details.

If you want more info about me and my service, Read on:

Just switched to a Mac from Windows?
Congratulations and... The Macintosh is known for being easier and more intuitive than Windows, but if you've been used to Windows, the Mac is different and an unguided transition can be frustrating. The procedures and programs that you used to correct problems and issues are different on a Mac than they were on a PC. The more competent you were as a PC user, the more frustrated you could be on your new Mac. An hour or two with me can ease this transition. I'll get you set up properly to enjoy your new Mac, understand it's subtleties and employ it's brilliance in no time.

Remote Support:
Aside from my on-site service, with your permission I'll install a small application which allows you to invite me onto your computer remotely. (It is very secure and you must initiate the invitation for a specified time, 60 minutes by default.) This convenient service is wonderful for small questions or problems, when you're in the middle of a project and can't figure out how to do something and want an immediate answer. Busy people love this remote service.

MacSupport is certified by Apple. We can help take the frustration out and bring the pleasure back to using your computer.

"Chris is wonderful! He helped me set up my home computer system and when it came time for my new business he was there every step of the way. When I've had glitches I've had to call him and he has always made himself available at a moments notice or has walked me through issues over the phone. He is supportive; he finds solutions; he is service oriented. And he's a pleasure to be around! I feel very lucky to have found him as I know I can always count on him." Cameron Carr Sausalito

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Do what you're good at and hire me to keep your computer systems running fast and invisibly. It is surprisingly inexpensive.
Keep your technology and youself up to date and working transparently. Transparently means that your technology is like clean glass. You use it without having to pay attention to it. It just works, allowing you to interact with the world, whether it is for business or social connection.

What I will do:
~ Fix any problems.
~ Check to make sure everything is running smoothly.
~ Run a general maintenance routine to keep your computer and network running safe, fast and trouble-free.
~ Check to make sure that your backup is really doing the job and that you could actually restore data from it if needed.
~ Check in with you to fix or teach things that are on your list .
~ Let you know any issues found and discuss purchasing needs.
~ I will make sure that your entire system is secure from data loss, malicious intrusions, spyware and viruses.

Then we will finish out the time tutoring in some area in which you want to expand your user expertise, such as learning to work with digital photography, make your own photo cards or calendars, create an email newsletter or keep track of your friends/customers/clients in a usable, integrated database or setting up Skype to video chat with friends and family anywhere in the world.

Call me at 415-927-2289 or email me at the Reply to: address in the header for this listing.

For more information about me and my service, visit: http://macsupportx.com/

Your technology partner for Macintosh owners.
I keep your technology systems running smoothly and harmoniously.

I'd love to work with you.

"You only spent a hour and a half with me and I feel like a totally different computer user! Thank you so much....it was time and money very well spent!" Colleen San Francisco

Call me at 415-927-2289 or email MacSupportX@mac.com

I’m your technology-consultant for Macintosh computers, iPods and high-tech gear.
I can help get your technology systems running smoothly and harmoniously.

I’d love to work with you.

Call me at 415-927-2289
email: MacSupportX@mac.com.

I can help get you and your Mac running faster and more harmoniously.

Let's work together!

Chris Harnish - macsupportx.com - 415-927-2289